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Creating a Teacher Website on
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The new district website was launched in early December 2016 and, as of this writing (10/18/2019), we've had approximately 280,000 unique visitors, 765,000 browsing sessions, and over 2.3 million page views! The numbers speak for themselves - our website has proven to be a frequently visited destination for students, parents, and staff to get useful and timely class, school, and district information. We believe that the pinnacle of these engagements are the District 89 "Teacher Pages" which give teachers a powerful channel to better communicate with students and their parents. All classroom teachers now have the tools to create their very own websites in our staff directory on! To help you get familiar with these new tools, we've created an instructional video training series that will walk you through how to create your new Teacher Pages and show you the basics of uploading and organizing your student resources (syllabus, lesson materials, assignments, news and more).
D89 Teacher Pages Training Want to watch these videos on your mobile device or at home? Just visit this link on your iPhone/Android browser: (Full Course Video Playlist)  

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Teacher Pages BASICS

Lesson 1 – Overview & Goals


Lesson 2 – How to Login


Lesson 3 – Core Sections of Teacher Pages


Lesson 4 – Updating Your Profile


Lesson 5 – Overview & Goals

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Lesson 6 – Creating Teacher Pages


Lesson 7 – Creating Teacher News Items


Lesson 8 – Creating an Announcement

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