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Websites now blocked that I was able to access previously
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There are two potential reasons that a website, which was previously accessible to you, appears to be no longer accessible:


There is a very small chance that the website you are trying to access has been "reclassified" in our global filter category database.  We rarely see this to be the actual cause of the problem, so we recommend first checking Reason #2 (following).


The vast majority of these filtering problems occur because a Computer (and more specifically the User) has not recently authenticated against our website filtering device.  Authentication occurs when you Login to your computer for the first time after a full Shutdown or Reboot.  If you have merely been putting the computer to Sleep when leaving for the day, subsequent Logins only authenticate locally against your computer and do not authenticate against our network and website filter.  Once enough time has passed (typically several days or more) since your last Shutdown or Reboot, the website filter has "forgotten" your identity and will fall back to enforcing the base filter policy (similar to the Student filter policy) which blocks a lot more websites than the Teacher/Staff filter policy.  How do you fix it?  You guessed it – just Shutdown or Reboot your computer and then Login to re-authenticate against our servers.  The problem should be resolved now.  If the problem persists, you may have run into one of the rare instances where "Reason 1" is the cause. As long as the website is educational or otherwise work-appropriate, you can submit a request with you building’s PC Technician (via the SchoolDude Helpdesk ticket system) to have the site unblocked. Our Network Administrator will review the request and unblock if the site is deemed to be safe and appropriate.

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