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Why can't I access certain websites?
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The Technology Department prides itself in providing exceptionally fast, reliable, and safe technology resources to district staff and students. To ensure that the equipment and network perform optimally, we do restrict certain activities that are considered “high-risk” such as installing unapproved software and accessing websites that are not work-appropriate or can negatively impact the speed and security of our network. Students access is similarly (but even more broadly) filtered for age/school-appropriate content. If you encounter an educational website that you believe is being blocked in error, you can submit a request with you building’s PC Technician (via the helpdesk ticket system) to have the site unblocked. Our Network Administrator will review the request and unblock if the site is deemed to be safe and appropriate.


Examples of the categories of websites and web content that is blocked when on the district network:


Teachers & Staff

  • adult/nudity
  • abused drugs
  • copyright infringement
  • dating
  • gambling
  • hacking
  • peer-to-peer
  • weapons
  • [and more]

Students & Unauthenticated Devices (e.g. iPads)

  • all of the above categories
  • alcohol and tobacco
  • entertainment
  • extremism
  • non educational games
  • music sites / music videos
  • personal sites/blogs (unpredictable nature of content posted by individuals)
  • shopping
  • social media
  • streaming audio / streaming video
  • non-district email services (gmail, yahoo, etc)
  • [and more]
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